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    Clean, easy,
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    Protection from
    Sharp Carbon Fiber Paddle Blades
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    Easy to Apply
    for Immediate
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    Excess Drag
    from Unused Fin Boxes
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    Ding Repair that Lasts Until it’s Time for Major Repairs








Don’t Let a Ding Ruin Your Session

Dings happen! Rather then ending a great session or surrender your board to the shop for repairs while on a trip, KP2 Ding Tape will seal out the water and prevent your stick from turning into a sponge until you have time to get a permanent fix.

KP2 Ding Tape comes with two 3” x 5” patches & three 2” x 3” patches and handles most non-structural ding repairs. The patches are easily trimmed and applied on the spot with ease allowing you to go back out to continue that epic session.

See our installation video for quick tips and instructions on how to best install KP2 Ding Tape for maximum performance. Coming soon…